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Cadre brings real estate investing to the masses

Ryan Williams
Founder and CEO
Dan Rosenbloom
Managing Director, Head of Investments
Peter Will
Head of Data Science
David Vincent
CFA, CAIA - Investment Specialist

Financial technology drives Cadre’s mission to help make real estate more accessible, transparent and affordable to a greater number of investors. Backed by supporters like the Ford Foundation and Goldman Sachs, this industry disruptor seeks to create wealth for investors while championing greater economic inclusion for all.

In partnership with Cadre, Citywire showcases the current real estate climate, macro outlook and hot property markets while detailing the company’s goals designed to help build stronger, more diverse investment communities.

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Rethinking Real Estate Investing


Cadre Insights

Explore Cadre’s latest insights into macro trends, innovations and specific regions ripe for investment as they help expand access to affordable real estate investment opportunities.

How Investors Can Benefit From Real Estate

Cadre’s asset allocation study shows that over the last 20 years adding private commercial real estate (CRE) to a portfolio lowered volatility and led to either higher risk-adjusted returns or higher overall returns for a given level of risk.

Cadre 15 Spotlight: Dallas-Fort Worth

Increasing job prospects and affordability are contributing to DFW’s rising star status — and its inclusion in the Cadre 15. In addition to the strong demographic trends, our data scientists have noted several potential points of interest in their proprietary analysis.

New Fundamentals: Liquidity

Private investments in commercial real estate (CRE) are traditionally illiquid. The Cadre Secondary Market offers investors the opportunity to potentially shorten their CRE investment time horizon, select deals that more closely match their risk tolerance, and diversify their portfolio across markets and property types.

The Challenge of Market Selection - and Cadre’s Approach

Acknowledging the human biases and blindspots that come with traditional real estate investing, market selection at Cadre starts by ingesting more than 3 million data points across over 40,000 investment factors, ultimately solving for a more holistic view of where markets are headed.